Video Creative Director

Ian A. Maisel


Howrey / Dewey & LeBoeuf / Bunsow De Mory Smith & Allison

Litigation Graphics Specialist  | 2009 – 2014

Created courtroom presentations that explained complex legal ideas to judges and juries with award-winning intellectual property attorney Henry Bunsow before and during trial to help win multi-million dollar lawsuits. Designed animation and video-intensive PowerPoint presentations with Henry and his partners at the law firms Howrey, and Dewey & LeBoeuf. Collaborated with Henry and his partners to design the logo, marketing materials, and promotional legal website in 2013 and 2014 for Bunsow De Mory Smith & Allison.

2013 San Francisco Law Association

Continuing Legal Education Course Using Trial Graphics to Win IP Cases


Callaway Golf v. Titleist

Co-presented with Henry Bunsow in a Continuing Legal Education course at the San Francisco Bar Association in 2013. Presented and discussed how we used trial graphics to win intellectual property cases. Click here to purchase the full instructional video from the SF Bar.

Art directed three senior designers at trial to help Titleist win the second round of a patent infringement case about golf ball technology against Callaway. Designed 3D illustrations and animated videos on-site at trial. Presentations displayed in court to the jury by Henry Bunsow to win the case on all counts.

Dupont Air Products v.
Cabot Microelectronics

Bandspeed Inc. v. CSR Technology

Ian Maisel - Senior Presentation Designer - Legal Graphics - Bandspeed Inc. v. CSR Technology - Claim Construction Hearing - Brian Smith

Developed courtroom presentations that helped Dupont Air Products win a case about the liquid used to polish integrated circuits against Cabot. Howrey LLP gave me an honorary award for excellence for my contribution to the trial.

Designed presentation graphics for claim construction hearing regarding satellites and their global positioning system technology.

In a short amount of time, Ian was able to bring a compelling technology presentation to life with rich graphics and professional narration. He is a joy to work with."

-- Scott Kanalakis, Intellectual Property Attorney at Boyle Fredrickson

Collaborated with attorney Henry Bunsow and his partners to design the BDIP Law logo, marketing materials, and customized presentation templates. Designed and maintained BDIP Law's promotional legal website in 2013 and 2014.


Designed presentation graphics to help attorneys win lawsuits for Fortune 500 clients. Managed and art directed a team of contract litigation graphics specialists to design video-intensive Microsoft PowerPoint technology tutorials.