Senior Designer

Ian Maisel


Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

Senior Designer  |  2017 – 2018

Design Apple Keynote investor presentations and marketing collateral for senior leadership and C-level executives. Design and update 4K video content streams for large-scale video displays in commercial life science and technology buildings. Art direct San Francisco Bay Area commercial real estate photography and design high-quality photo books. Train regional executive team in Keynote best practices using the books and academy coursework from Nancy Duarte's presentation design agency. Interviewed and on-boarded second senior designer.

Ian Maisel Productions

Senior Designer  |  2016

Designed educational and marketing presentations for clients including the Creative Group, Creative Circle and Autodesk. Designed the executive presentations for the Autodesk 2016 Investor Day live stream event and Twitter infographic announcing the Autodesk Q3 FY2017 highlights.

“Gorgeous presentation! So glad you are here.

       You bring a special bright light to our company.’’

-- Leslie Blodgett, Creator of Bare Minerals makeup

Bare Minerals

Presentation Designer

2014 – 2015

Designed the CEO’s business communications and national conference presentations. Created Keynote presentations for senior executives including the CMO, VP of Wholesale, and
Leslie Blodgett, the creator of Bare Minerals makeup. Click here to read more.

“Ian is an absolutely fantastic person to work with. He is a passionate, creative individual.’’

-- Melyssa Barrett, Vice President at Visa

Visa, Inc.

Presentation Designer  |  2013 – 2014

Collaborated with the Global Head of Information Products and Head of Global Business Intelligence at Visa to design their corporate presentations and develop their national conference stage visuals.

Ive worked with Ian on many occasions in which he has amazed me with his ingenuity in illustrating ideas.’’

-- Henry Bunsow, Partner at BDIP Law

Howrey  /  Dewey & LeBoeuf  /  BDIP Law

Litigation Graphics Specialist  
2009 – 2014

Created courtroom presentations that explained complex legal ideas to judges and juries. Collaborated with award-winning intellectual property attorney Henry Bunsow before and during trial to help win multi-million dollar lawsuits.


Art directed three senior designers at trial to help Titleist win the second round of a patent infringement case about golf ball technology against Callaway. Click here to read more.

Ian Maisel Productions

Presentation Designer  |  2013

Created highly polished Apple Keynote presentations for seasoned public speakers and communications professionals. Clients included Berkeley Lab and Dr. Larry Brilliant. Dr. Brilliant is quoted extensively in Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader. Click here to read more.

Early Career

Cartoonist and Graphic Designer

1998 – 2008

Illustrated and art directed projects for clients in higher education, business, technology and publishing in Boston. Designed print and web projects to elevate the visual identity of Boston College like the Alumni Evening in the Arts Festival featuring Amy Poehler 93. Click here to read more.

“A thoughtful problem solver with strong technical skills, Ian is a pleasure to work with.

Ian is professional, courteous and has a great sense of humor.’’

-- Doren Berge, Creative Director at Six Red Marbles