Video Creative Director

Ian A. Maisel


Bare Minerals

Presentation Designer 2014 – 2015

Designed CEO Simon P. Cowell’s business communications and national conference presentations. Created Keynote presentations for senior executives including Chief Marketing Officer Sandy Saputo, VP of Wholesale Monica Arnaudo, and Leslie Blodgett, the creator of Bare Minerals makeup.

2015 Leslie Blodgett and Christy Turlington In-House Interview

Senior Presentation Designer Ian Maisel and supermodel Christy Turlington at the 2015 Bare Minerals interview with Christy and Leslie Blodgett.

Executive produced live interview between Chief Visionary Officer Leslie Blodgett and supermodel Christy Turlington for 150+ employee in-house event. Managed on-site AV team and shot called studio camera feed during an interview about their personal friendship and the charity work they do together.

2015 National Sales Conference at the W Hotel in San Francisco

2015 Bare Minerals and Buxom Brand Presentation Templates

Bare Minerals 2015 PowerPoint Template and Instructions - Cover Slide - Be Original. Be Natural. Be Good.
Bare Minerals 2015 PowerPoint Template and Instructions - Interior Slide Product Layout - New Smoothing Face Brush
Hi Gorgeous. We've got a new Bare Minerals template to help make your presentations as good as you do! Think of this deck like a "shopping cart"
Bare Minerals 2015 PowerPoint Template and Instructions - Interior Slide - Chart - Yearly Category Sales

Art directed stage visuals for the 2015 National Sales Conference at the W Hotel in San Francisco, where lead executives promoted their upcoming beauty products to an audience of 150+ attendees. Developed customized presentations for the CEO, CMO, and other senior executives while managing the hotel’s AV production team.

Designed the Bare Beauty presentation toolkit, the 2015 PowerPoint template for all Bare Minerals corporate users. The template includes a large design toolkit for advanced users and graphic designers. Developed additional presentation template system for the Buxom brand at CEO's request. Click here to view.

2015 ULTA General Managers Conference

Developed sophisticated stage visuals for a 60' video wall and two side screens at the 2015 ULTA General Manager’s Conference, where the CEO and VP of Wholesale presented to an audience of 1000+ beauty industry experts.

2014 - 2015 Quarterly CEO Presentations

2014 Bay Area TEDx Talk

Designed and coached production-quality films to help convey CEO Simon Cowell's quarterly priorities and upcoming makeup product rollouts. Hired and managed multiple audio-visual teams for technical rehearsals and live presentations. Filmed events, mixed in graphics and animations, and distributed videos throughout Shiseido Company for CEO Masahiko Uotani.

Consulted on performance, staging and audio-visual production for Leslie Blodgett and Colaine Roepke’s 2014 TEDx Talk, “Let it go - An experiment in forgiveness.” Click here to watch Leslie and Colaine talk.